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Rosewood Rosary Topics
Wonderful interpretation
What color is rosewood?
Carriage Material Leaflet Rosewood Bracelet 15mm
Purple light sandalwood inlaid bamboo holder
Couple's token, small leaf rosewood wood carving crafts, tiger charm
Chinese solid wood coffee table hedgehog rosewood lacquered furniture
Small leaf sandalwood plate to play the correct paste method
Rosewood is an evergreen subtree. The height is five or six feet, the leaves are compound leaves, flowers and butterflies, the fruit has wings, the wood is very strong, the color is red, and it sinks when it enters the water.
Rosewood Special
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Rosewood King

Recounting the War of Resistance Against Japan, Prince Gao Shen of the Kuomintang paid close attention to Chen Zhuyun, the shopkeeper of Xudong, the largest rosewood furniture store in Beijing.

The proportion of camphor oil in submerged camphor leaves is greater than that of water
Cinnamomum camphora
Butterfly family
More common in mountains
White sandalwood
Mostly used in shipbuilding and palaces
Phoebe nanmu
Broken Forest
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